New Email Server

The server move is completed.

Please read this entire message, we apologize for the length, but there are important items you need to know. You can click on the hilighted topics below to see additional information about that section.

On Monday, December 4, 2017, beginning at 10pm, NetOne will begin the process of moving our email to a new server. This new server has better spam control, is more powerful, and has much better security.

During the move, you will be able to access your current mail but you will be unable to send or receive any new email until the move is finished. New email should start arriving within a few hours after the move is complete. We anticipate that there will be calls for assistance. Please know, if you get our voicemail system we will call you back as soon as possible, in the order which we received the calls.

Rest assured, we will be moving all your old mail to the new server so you should not lose any of your old email. Unfortunately, we are not able to move your webmail based contact lists, whitelists, and blacklists. You can export your existing contacts and lists out of webmail before the move. Instructions are included under "Before the Move".

NOTE: For those having their email forwarded to an outside email address, all mail (including spam) is sent to you unfiltered. This is a downside to having your email forwarded instead of having it processed by our system. The forwarding system will not require you to make any changes and will only be down for the duration of the move. You will still be using your non-NetOne service without interruption.


Instructions for before, during, and after the move can be found at the links below:


Your current passwords will not be transferred. We will be providing you with an initial password in an email from our helpdesk. Do not update/use this new password until after the move on December 4th.

We will keep track of this password only. The system does not allow anyone see your password (including us). We can only reset it. Upon request, we can change it back to your original password we provided.

More on Passwords and logging into the new system...

New Anti-Spam System

The new anti-spam tool (called ASSP) is a personalized, learning system. You will need to teach it what is or isn’t spam. At first, we will be setting everyone’s mailbox to a very low spam protection setting. This is to ensure that legitimate emails will not be flagged as spam while the new system is learning.

More about the new spam system and how to use it...