Dial-Up Internet Access

Affordable prices for internet access.

  • Subscribe for as low as $15.41/month (paid annually)

  • $16.50 when paying month-to-month

  • No timed disconnects.

  • These prices include ALL taxes and fees!

  • WARNING: Speeds will depend on quality of phone line.  We cannot control that.

High Speed DSL & Internet Direct also available. Learn more.

Get all of these features and more...

  • User-customizable spam protection.
  • No credit card required to establish service.
  • Accepted methods of payment are:
    • Cash, check or money order
    • Electronic bank account debit
    • Check by phone
  • 56Kbps connection type.

Setup and Equipment Requirements

  • Setup of this service is done by telephone and requires approximately 10 to 20  minutes.
  • Our technicians will guide you through the process regardless of your level of computer expertise.
  • Requires a 'standard' telephone line (not a digital line like Charter and others provide)
  • Reques a 56K modem.