High Speed Internet Access

Contact us today to find out which speeds are available at your location.

  • Subscribe for as low as $67.00 per month

  • Local Tech Support Included

  • Speeds Up to 75 Mbit

  • Serving AT&T telephone service areas

Dial-Up also available. Learn more.

Internet Direct (No Landline Required)

  • Available as both Business and Residential.
  • Available Speeds: 1.5 – 75 Mbit depending on location
  • Pricing: Ranges from $67 – $99
  • A 1-year commitment is required. ($200 early termination)
  • A setup fee may be required. (Contact us for pricing at your location)
  • Hardware lease required

Features and Benefits

  • No credit card required to establish service.
  • Methods of payment:
    • Cash, check or money order
    • Electronic bank account debit
    • Check by phone