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Keep Windows updates current
  • Microsoft Windows Update. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep your Windows software current and updated against security risks.
  • WARNING! If you are using a version of windows older than Windows 2000, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a new operating system. Microsoft no longer supports Windows 98 with security updates. Your computer is at risk of virus and trojans if you use Windows 98!
Install anti-virus
  • We recommend Avast for all Windows versions. This program is free for personal use.
    You may try AVG if Avast does not install properly. AVG is also free for personal use.

Install anti-spyware
  • If you machine has plenty of memory (ram) and is running Windows XP/Vista, you can use Microsoft Defender. We highly recommend that all users download Defender if possible. This software is free to download and to use.
  • If you have an older machine running a different Windows operating system or your computer does not have the recommended amount of memory (512Mb minimum RAM), you can try LavaSoft Ad-Aware for Windows 95 | 98 | ME | 2000. This software is also free to download and use. Ad-Aware will also work fine for Windows XP/Vista.
Virus Scan
These sites will assist in detecting and removing viruses that already reside on your computer.
Spyware Scan
Block Popups
Many browsers now have built-in popup blockers. Check the software portal for Firefox and Internet Explorer for Windows XP SP2.

We list here only one item, Google Toolbar, because we feel it provides the best popup blocking available.

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