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Subscription Information - See also: AccessDSLTM , AccessBasicTM
Service Plan Payment Plan Price
BEST VALUE! Pre-pay for one year of service Annual 11.95
Month-to-month service Month 14.95
Features and Benefits
  • Unlimited connection time.
  • No credit card required to establish service immediately.
    Accepted methods of payment are:
    • Cash, check or money order
    • Check by phone
  • No session time limit.
  • These are NOT promotional prices and include all taxes and fees!
  • Prices are applicable to both residential AND business service!
  • 56Kbps connection type.
  • Latest modem technology offered with V.92 compatibility.

Additional Services Included at No charge
  • FREE technical support from our own local support technicians. We pay for the call!
  • Personal web hosting space with generous disk space allowance (25MB+).
  • FTP file storage space with generous disk space allowance for backups and hosted pictures. Great for EBAY!
  • Multiple, individually passworded email accounts with ample quotas for even the most demanding users, all with user-customizable virus and spam protection!

Setup and Equipment Requirements
  • Setup of this service is done by telephone and requires approximately 10 minutes. Friendly, knowledgeable technicians will guide you through the complete process regardless of your level of computer expertise.
  • This service is compatible with all computer operating systems and all makes and models of computers and modems.
  • A good quality modem is recommended. In most cases, if you have one already, it can be used. If you do not have a current generation V.92 compatible modem, you may purchase one of our AOpen model FM56-SVV modems for only 23.95 + tax.
†Equivalent monthly price based on subscription pre-payment of 143.40.
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