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Main features
  • Unlimited connection time.
  • Script-less dialup for simplicity in setup.
  • Full e-mail services including:
    • One regular e-mail account of the form
    • Additional password-protected e-mail accounts for yourself, family members and relatives.
    • E-mail aliases.
    • Support for all the popular e-mail software packages:
  • One of the best USENET newsfeeds in the business provided by Over 53,000 newsgroups from which to choose!
  • Support for most operating systems:
    • Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2K
    • OS/2
    • Macintosh
    • Unix
  • Browser software available at no charge, including:
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
    • local channels
    • international channels
  • Generous user file storage allocation limits.
  • Multiple T-1 connections to the Internet for fast transfers

Other features

  • 56K at all dialup sites
  • PPP
  • Supervised localIRC
  • Support via phone, e-mail or on-line
  • Instant authentication with credit card!
  • WWW home page space - included with each account


  • Multiple, simultaneous connections are not allowed unless prior arrangements are made. One user per account, please.
  • We do not have hard limits in place regarding your available hard disk storage space. We do, however, request that you make use of your allocation of drive space wisely. Distribution of files such as pirated software, virii code or pornographic images to the general public is prohibited. Keep in mind that this restriction will not prevent you from downloading a 60MB file. If you do so, simply download it to your system in a timely manner and erase the file when done.
  • While connection time is unlimited, using software to keep a connection alive around the clock is prohibited. If you are experiencing busy signals and are reluctant to log off, just let us know. We will address the issue promptly.
  • You are responsible for the backup of your files that reside on any of our servers. While we perform regular backups, we cannot guarantee the integrity of such backups.
  • Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement. You are obligated to adhere to them.
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