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Due to a system upgrade that is not completed, we are NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CUSTOMERS. Check back later, please.
If you reside in Michigan, dialing long distance just became affordable. With our long distance service, you get 1+ dialing convenience. For one low flat-rate per minute, look at the impressive list of features that come with this service:

  • Just 3.9 cents per minute.
  • Includes ALL taxes and fees.
  • No monthly minimum. Talk as much or as little as you desire.
  • All long distance calls are covered, from intralata, interlata and interstate calls to international calls.
  • No third party billing - NetOne Communications bills you directly.
  • Call detail records are available on-line at our Long Distance website.

Note: this service is available in Michigan only. International calls are subject to prevailing international long distance rates. You can look up current rates for international calls at our Long Distance website.

Call detail history may be viewed at any time and history is retained for many months. Searching for misplaced phone numbers previously dialed could not be simpler.

No paper invoices will be sent. Each month, on the anniversary of your sign up date, your credit card will be billed for the previous month's calls. Determine your current bill at any time by visiting our Long Distance website.

Call today and get affordable long distance service!
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