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We are receiving reports about a telephone scam targeting computer users. A person with a very thick Indian/Packistan accent calls saying they are from Microsoft support, or from a Microsoft partner.
This is a scam, just hang up.
 Cell Phone Service Now Available!
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service pricing

NEW! All Dialup Accounts now include FREE!! Dialup Accelerator!!

Account Type Term Price Setup Restrictions
Access Prime Unlimited with Accelerator. Monthly 14.95 none
Annual 143.40
Access Basic 150 hr/mo with Accelerator (credit card payment required) Monthly 11.95 none
Annual 119.40
ISDN Dual Channel Monthly 20.95 none
Annual 213.40
ISDN Single Channel Monthly 11.95 none
Annual 143.40
DSL (Annual Commitment)
**SBC/Ameritech Areas Only**
Monthly 29.95   none
Annual 303.50  
NEW! DSL 3Mbit (Annual Commitment)
**SBC/Ameritech Areas Only**
Monthly 36.95   none
Annual 373.50  
NEW! DSL 6Mbit (Annual Commitment)
**SBC/Ameritech Areas Only**
Monthly 56.95   none
Annual 573.50  
Web Hosting Monthly 14.95 none
Annual 153.50
Additional Domain pointing to primary domain Monthly 10.00 Requires Web Hosting
E-mail Services only Monthly 10.00 Does not include dialup service
Annual 104.00
Secure Certificate - Quick * Yearly 100.00 Requires Web Hosting
Secure Certificate - Quick W/Seal * Yearly 125.00 Requires Web Hosting
Secure Certificate - BusinessID w/Seal * Yearly 125.00 Requires Web Hosting
Secure Certificate - BusinessID Wildcard w/seal * Yearly 550.00 Requires Web Hosting
High-bandwidth CALL

* -- Discounts available for purchasing Multi-Year.
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