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remote help

This page will enable you to give a NetOne Communications technician remote control of your computer. We will be able to configure your computer remotely if you are having problems.

Please note that this will install a program on your machine called "remote_help.exe" that will be used to allow us access to fix your computer.

After we have completed repairs, the program will be removed from memory and cannot be run again unless it is downloaded and started again by you. This is for security reasons.


  • Click here to start the program download.
  • Click "Save" when the prompt appears. Save the program on your desktop. It will be named "remote_help.exe."

    You may see a security warning. If so, allow the program to be downloaded.

    The download of the file should take approximately 2 to 5 minutes.
  • After the download is complete, doubleclick the icon on your desktop named "remote_help.exe" to start the remote help program.

    When the prompt appears, doubleclick on either "helpdesk tech1" or "helpdesk tech2" as previously instructed by your technician.

    Watch in the task bar for the small yellow icon on the far right.
    When that icon turns green , it indicates that the NetOne technician has connected to your machine to begin diagnosing and repairing problems.

    You may see windows opening up, closing, etc, but during the time that green icon exists, do not open any windows or use your mouse or keyboard.

    When the green icon is gone, it means the technician has disconnected and you are free to use your machine.

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